For special foundation applications like retaining walls or high load tension piles special foundation rigs are required. Foundiz offers the complete Soilmec range of compact drilling rigs for anchoring, micro piling and jet grouting. Soilmec is one of the wordwide leading manufacturers of innovative piling- and drilling equipment. Compact drilling rigs are developed for special foundation techniques and can be used in several configurations. Foundiz offers compact drilling rigs in various sizes and with masts suitable for endless variations when it comes to inclination and positioning. Controlling can be done directly with hydraulic levers or with remote radio control. In case you have special project requirements you can contact us for specific custom made solutions. 


Compact drilling rigs for micro piling

  • Weight class from 1 up to 10 tons
  • Leader lengths from 2 up to 5,5 meters
  • Suitable for steel casing piles with or without grout injection, augered piles or steel screw piles
  • Optional attachments:  rotary head, double drilling rotary head, percussion rotary head
SM 14 568_n

Drilling rigs for anchoring

  • Weight class from 8 up to 32 tons
  • Leader lengts from 4 up to 14 meters
  • Suitable for all types of ground anchors
  • Optional attachments: rotary head, double drilling rotary head, percussion rotary head

Drilling rigs for jet grouting

  • Weight class from 9 up to 36 tons
  • Drilling depths from max. 12 up to max.  33 meters
  • Suitable for jet grouting and grout columns
  • Optional attachments: rotary head and percussion rotary head

In case you might need a special drilling rig we can help. You benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the field of piling contracting and foundation equipment.

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