Tracked Concrete Pumps And Mixers

An important aspect of piling is concreting. Foundiz offers various tracked concrete pumps and mixers. High quality tracked machines ready to enter every construction site.

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    Concrete pumps for sale by Foundiz

    Concrete is an important construction material for foundation works. In situ concrete piles are produced on site and require high quality ready-mix concrete in a fast way. However site conditions on construction sites can be challenging. In many cases truck mixers cannot approach the foundation rigs very close, like concrete pumps can.

    Tracked concrete pumps

    Tracked concrete pumps are the best solution when it comes to concrete logistics and transport on the job site. Foundiz is distributor of Mecbo concrete pumps. Tracked concrete pumps are very suitable to drive on jobsites with difficult access and obstacles. By positioning the tracked concrete pump on a strategic place it can be reached and filled by a normal truck mixer.

    By pumping the concrete through special concrete hoses the tracked concrete pump provides the foundation rig with the right concrete flow allowing the piling process to continue fast and smooth. Mecbo tracked concrete pumps are especially designed for foundation works and are available with different kinds of diesel engines up to the Stage 5 emission level.

    Concrete Pumps for sale
    Concrete pumps by Foundiz

    Zero Emission: electric powered pumps

    Foundiz also offers zero emission fully electric powered Mecbo tracked concrete pumps. The Mecbo concrete pumps are available with several convenient options such as a high pressure power washer, a wireless interface computer to communicate with the foundation rig for the most efficient piling process. Other features are an automatic lubrication system, radio remote control and much more. The radio remote control allows the pump operator to drive and position the tracked concrete pump in a safe way and allows him to stay in sight with the foundation rig operator.

    Different sizes and capacities

    Mecbo concrete pumps are available in different sizes and with various capacities. Besides the tracked concrete pumps Foundiz also supplies tracked concrete mixer pumps. Tracked concrete mixer pumps are very suitable to use as buffer capacity in case of long transport times of truck mixers. With the tracked concrete mixer pumps there’s always enough concrete on site to enable a continuous piling process. Foundiz can supply you also with accessories like high quality concrete hoses, hose connections and recommended spare part kits.

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    Cartrack Pump

    Cartrack Pump

    • Undercarriage: crawler tracked
    • Capacity: up to 100 m3 per hour
    • Performance: engine 132 kW / 180 HP
    • Features: radio remote control
    • Options: work platforms, high pressure washer
    Robotrack Pump

    Robotrack Pump

    • Undercarriage: crawler tracked
    • Capacity: up to 120 m3 per hour
    • Performance: engine 154 kW / 210 HP
    • Reach: boom from 18 meter high up to largest type with 33 meter
    • Features: kinematic boom sections, water tank, radio remote control
    Beton Cap Mixer Pump

    Beton Cap Mixer Pump

    • Undercarriage: crawler tracked
    • Capacity: up to 80 m3 per hour
    • Performance: engine 150 kW / 200 HP
    • Features: work platform, water tank, radio remote control

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