Foundiz offers telescopic crawler cranes which are suitable for the performance of different foundation techniques. Of course the telescopic crawler can also be used as lifting crane for all kind of projects. Foundiz is the distributor of Marchetti crawlers in the Benelux and other regions. By means of the telescopic boom these crawlers are operational in a few minutes. Therefore on every project significant costs are saved on mobilization and demobilization. Because of the telescopic boom the connection of lattice booms is history. This also highly contributes to safety on the construction sites. Besides these advantages the Marchetti telescopic crawlers are also very suitable to work with on construction sites with limited heights and constrained work spaces.   


Telescopic crawler Sherpina

  • Weight class of 25 tons
  • Crawler crane
  • Telescopic boom of 25,5 meter + 8 meter
  • Maximum hoist capacity 25 tons

Telescopic crawler medium class

  • Weight class from 45 up to 65 tons
  • Crawler crane
  • Telescopic boom of 32 meter + 14,5 meter up to 40 meter + 14,5 meter
  • Maximum hoist capacities of 42 tons up to 60 tons

Telescopic crawler Sherpa

  • Weight class of 57 tons
  • Crawler crane
  • Telescopic boom of 42 meter + 14,5 meter
  • Maximum hoist capacity of 70 tons
  • Crawler is equipped with hydraulic outriggers

In case you might need a telescopic crawler, than let us know. You benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the field of piling contracting and foundation equipment.

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