Micro Drilling Rigs

For special foundation techniques like retaining walls or high load tension piles special drilling rigs are required. Foundiz offers the complete Soilmec range of micro drilling rigs for anchoring, micro piling and jet-grouting. In case you have special project requirements, please contact us for specific custom made solutions.

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    Micro Drilling Rigs for sale

    Discover an expansive range of micro drilling rigs through Foundiz. As a Soilmec distributor, Foundiz presents a comprehensive lineup of micro piling rigs from this renowned brand. Additionally, Foundiz holds the distinction of being a trusted distributor for Beretta Alfredo, a prominent manufacturer in the field.

    Applications of micro drilling rigs

    Micro drilling rigs are used to drill ground anchors for shoring purposes. These rigs excel not only in ground anchor applications, but also prove to be very suitable for jet grouting operations. Leveraging the jet grouting technique, these rigs create substantial grout columns by blending the existing soil layers with a water and cement mixture. These resulting jet grouting columns serve as versatile assets, serving as both vertical piles with impressive bearing capacities and retaining walls for intricate structural designs.

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    Micro Drilling Rig
    Micro Drilling Rigs by Foundiz

    Vertical pile foundations made effortless

    The prowess of micro drilling rigs extends to crafting vertical pile foundations with small diameter casing piles that benefit from grout injection. These vertical micro piles are well-suited for renovation projects within existing buildings, as well as for deployment as tension piles in scenarios such as ramps or concrete floors where water pressure poses a challenge. Thanks to their compact size, ease of operation, and vibration-free foundation techniques, micro drilling rigs stand out as prime candidates for urban environments. Operating with minimal noise, swift efficiency, and the capability to navigate challenging job site access, these rigs are ideal for projects in bustling cityscapes.

    Enhanced functionality with attachments

    Foundiz goes beyond the traditional offerings, extending to a range of attachments designed to elevate the capabilities of micro drilling rigs. Among these attachments, Beretta mast attachments hold prominence, transforming hydraulic excavators into dynamic drilling rigs. Furthermore, Foundiz presents a forward-thinking solution with fully electric-powered, zero-emission micro drilling rigs. A notable example is the Soilmec SM 13E micro drilling rig, which, in a pilot project in Eindhoven in 2023, executed several ground anchor installations. These electrified micro drilling rigs stand as a testament to Foundiz’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

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    Foundiz - Your partner for Micro Drilling Rigs and more

    Foundiz doesn’t merely offer micro drilling rigs; it presents an entire ecosystem of solutions. Such as Beretta micro drilling rigs, grout plants, mud pumps, adapters, and an array of drilling tools. Foundiz’s dedication to providing a complete package ensures that clients have access to the tools and support needed to execute their drilling projects with precision.

    Micro Drilling Rigs

    Micro Drilling Rigs

    • Weight class: from 1 up to 10 tons
    • Leader lengths: from 2 up to 5,5 meters
    • Applications: steel casing piles with grout injection, augered piles, steel screw piles and geothermal drilling
    • Options: rotary head, double drilling rotary head, percussion rotary head
    Anchor Drilling Rigs

    Anchor Drilling Rigs

    • Weight class: from 8 up to 32 tons
    • Leader lengths: from 4 up to 14 meters
    • Applications: ground anchors, jet-grouting and geothermal drilling
    • Options: rotary head, double drilling rotary head, percussion rotary head, mud pump and grout plant

    Drilling Rigs for Jet Grouting

    • Weight class: from 9 up to 36 tons
    • Drilling depths: from max. 12 up to max. 33 meters
    • Applications: jet-grouting and grout columns
    • Options: rotary head, percussion rotary head, mud pump and grout plant

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