ABI 10/12,5


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This used ABI 10/12,5 Multipurpose rig is suitable for sheet pile driving and several drilling applications such as CFA and pre drilling. This versatile drilling rig comes with a ABI vibratory hammer, type MRZV 600V with variable moment. Also this ABI is supplied with a suitable ABI rotary head, type MDB 3000. Exchanging the vibro with the rotary can be done fast by a 2 pins leader trolley which is compatible with vibro and rotary.


Additional information

Year of Manufacture

1995 (ABI 10/12,5 rig)
2002 (ABI MRZV 600V vibro)
2006 (ABI MDBA 3000 rotary)

Running hours



Grey / Blue


Including ABI – MRZV 600 vibro
Including ABI – MDB 3000 rotary


Working condition

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