Foundiz supplies several different types of hydraulic vibro hammers for several applications in the field of foundation techniques and ground improvement. Vibro hammers are very suitable for the installation of sheet piles, casing piles, concrete piles, cast in situ piles and soil compaction techniques. Foundiz sells all types of vibro hammers. For example excavator mounted vibro hammers (EMV’s) for use together with an hydraulic excavator. A special version of an EMV is the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibro hammer. The Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip is also used in combination with an hydraulic excavator and can grab piles sideways. You want to try a MultiGrip vibrohammer? Contact us for the possibilities within  our rental fleet. Foundiz also sells free suspended vibro hammers in combination with a power pack. These free suspended vibro hammers are used in combination with a crawler crane or piling rig and therefore are more suitable for the heavier works. Foundiz supplies standard frequency vibro hammers as well as high frequency vibro hammers. Are you looking for the right solution for your project? Send us your project specifications with soil information and we will determine the best solution. For example by means of a drive-ability assessement.


Excavator mounted vibro hammers

  • Standard frequency
  • Excentric moment from 0,7 up to 9 kgm
  • Suitable for sheet piles, casing piles and steel beams
  • Options: goose neck, quick hitch connector, tube clamps

Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibro hammers

  • Normaal frequency
  • Excentric moment from 7 up to 9 kgm
  • Grabs piles sideways and can drive pile piles on top with sheet pile clamp
  • Suitable for sheet piles, casing piles and steel beams
  • Options: free-floating system,  adjustable frequency and 5,6″ monitor
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Free suspended vibro hammers

  • Normal frequency or high frequency for reduction of vibrations
  • Excentric moment of 12 up to 130 kgm
  • Suitable for sheet piles, casing piles, soil compaction and extraction of piles
  • Options: tube clamps, pile clamps for pile extraction, monitoring systems
Soilbiz 400 power pack

Power packs

  • Engine power from 120 up to 1150 kW
  • Oil flows of 140 up to 1600 l/min
  • Suitable for driving hydraulic vibro hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads or for example offshore or other industrial applications
  • Options: caterpillar driven base carrier, remote control and start-stop system

Do you need a vibro hammer for your project? Foundiz can help. You benefit from over more than 20 years of experience in the field of foundation techniques and ground improvement.

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