Diaphragm wall cranes

Various specialized equipment for diaphragm walls. Hydromills, grabs and heavy duty cranes

Diaphragm wall cranes are designed to operate in the field of advanced engineering and modern construction techniques. These cranes, working with technology such as the DMS data acquisition system, are heavy duty cranes to perform heavy and hightech foundation works day by day. While Foundiz, ensures that every facet of the foundation process is met with the finest and best solutions.

diapraghm wall cranes

SC-130 HD

SC-135 HD


Diaphragm Wall Cranes by Foundiz

Diaphragm walls are cast in situ concrete walls used as retaining walls. For structures where shear forces or bending moments are to high for steel sheet piles or soil conditions do not allow vibrations or sheet piling operations, diaphragm walls are a very solid solution.

Often used for underground work

Diaphragm walls are often used for deep underground parking houses, tunnels, ramps and complex infrastructural constructions. By means of specialized crawler cranes equipped with special grabs, trenches are excavated into deep soil layers. On project locations with dense or rocky soils hydro mills are used instead of grabs.


Trench Stability Through Bentonite Mixture

An aspect of the process involves maintaining the stability of the excavated trench. This is achieved through a precisely fabricated bentonite mixture. This bentonite mixture avoids trench collapse, simultaneously preventing the ingress of ground water. Given the advanced nature of this foundation technique, the role of superior equipment becomes evident. Foundiz stands as a reliable partner, offering the complete spectrum of Soilmec diaphragm wall products tailored for this exact purpose. This curated range encompasses heavy-duty crawler cranes, fortified with hydraulic hose reels designed for precision control over the grab or hydro mill.

Soilmec and the DMS

Central to the capabilities of Soilmec diaphragm wall cranes is the integration of the Drilling Mate System (DMS), a data acquisition and control system. The DMS seamlessly registers excavation activities, offering real-time control and precision, while also fulfilling the role of recording crucial data for quality control purposes. Beyond the realm of heavy-duty cranes, Foundiz complements the offerings with an array of supporting equipment, encompassing bentonite plants, pumps, silos, and a host of supplementary tools.