Multigrip vibro hammers

Foundiz sells and rents out Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibratory pile drivers

With a focus on excellent project performance, Foundiz assists customers in selecting the right-sized MultiGrip vibro hammer. The interplay of soil reports and pile specifications culminates in a tailored solution that meets precise project requirements. Furthermore, Foundiz’s rental fleet offers a “try before you buy” approach, that allows clients to experience the vibro advantages and performance.

multigrip vibro hammers

Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip MG-60

Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip MG-90

Options for MultiGrip Vibro Pile Drivers

MultiGrip Vibro Hammers by Foundiz

Foundiz sells excavator mounted sidegrip vibro hammers. As distributor of the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibro hammers Foundiz offers the MG-60 and the heavier MG-90 MultiGrip vibro hammer.

Unique functionalities

The MultiGrip vibro hammers are able to grab the (sheet)pile from the side. In this way the pile length is not limited to the reach height of the excavator because the vibro doesn’t need to be on top of the pile. The sidegrip arms are designed in a special way that makes them suitable to grab steel sheet piles, casing piles and H-beams.

Besides clamping the piles sideways the MultiGrip vibro’s have also a clamp at the bottom of the vibro. In this way the piles be can be deepened to the required depth after they have been driven by the side arms.


Great versatility for different usage

The MultiGrip hammers are versatile in use as they can handle different sorts of pile types. With a Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibro you can easy turn your excavator into a multipurpose pile driver. Besides using the MultiGrip vibro on an hydraulic excavator Foundiz developed a way to use a MultiGrip vibro also on a drilling rig. This patented technology allows a standard drilling rig to be modified to a sheet pile driver. The use of a MultiGrip vibro in a piling rig has several advantages and allows to perform much more foundation techniques besides drilling piles.

Seamless and easy control

The MultiGrip vibro’s are supplied with a sophisticated control system which allows the operator to drive the piles smoothly in a vertical position. The joystick can be programmed by the operator in such a way that the buttons control several functions according his needs. While driving the piles the operator can follow all parameters and change the settings on a bright multi colour screen. Foundiz is able to offer you the right size MultiGrip vibro hammer by performing drive-ability assessments. Based on a soil report together with pile specifications the right size of MultiGrip vibro can be determined. Foundiz has several units in it’s rental fleet so try before you buy is a serious option to get convinced about all the advantages of a MultiGrip vibro.