Capping beam systems

This innovative system developed by Dawson Construction Plant (DCP) is fast, efficient and ensures safe working on heights and around water.

Foundiz introduces the future of construction with the DCP capping beam system. Seamlessly merging solid engineering with efficient design, this system promises not only streamlined assembly and removal but also great performance. Whether you choose to purchase or rent, Foundiz ensures your project is met with the finest solutions.

capping beam systems

Standard Capping System

Medium Capping System

Heavy Duty Capping System

Capping beam system by Foundiz

Foundiz sells and rents out the innovative capping beam system of Dawson Construction Plant (DCP). This formwork system has been designed for the construction of concrete capping beams on top of sheet pile walls, combi walls, secant piles and variants on these types of retaining walls.

Combination of solid steel & soffit panels

The DCP capping beam system is based on a combination of solid steel supports combined with the so called Soffit panels. The Soffit panels are steel platforms combined with a long row of aligned aluminium bars. The supports can be fitted to the sheet piles by screwing a threaded pin with hard points on both sides into the wings of the steel sheet piles.

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Easy to fixate and adjust

For heavier loads the supports are placed into steel brackets that hook into the sheet piles. After positioning the supports, in common applications two supports per platform, the Soffit panel can be placed on the supports. After fixation and adjusting the panel the aluminium bars of the Soffit panels can be pushed into the shape of the sheet piles or combi walls. After this exercise the vertical formwork can be added, either with traditional formwork or with a system formwork. This innovative capping beam system is user friendly and developed in such a practical way that a production speed of 15 running meters per day is achievable.

Fast assembly and removal

The DCP capping beam system is not only fast to assemble also the removal after concreting is easy and fast. The DCP capping beam system is available in three versions from light, medium up to the heavy duty version. For your specific project a quick analysis will be made resulting in a schematic drawing presenting the proposed type of the capping beam system including the allowable loads from the concrete. Besides purchasing this system it is also possible to rent this system at Foundiz.