Sheet pile pressing machines

Powerfull hydraulic pressing machines for vibration free driving and extracting of sheet piles

Foundiz offers several types of sheet pile pressing machines. For example the Push Pull machines from manufacturer Dawson Construction Plant. The Push Pull machines are suitable for vibration free pressing of steel sheet piles. Besides pressing sheet piles the Push Pull machines are also suitable to extract existing sheet piles. The Push Pull machines can be used in a leader guided configuration with a piling rig or even free suspend by means of a crawler crane. 

sheet pile pressing machines

Pressing machine leader guided

Pressing Machine Free Suspended

Sheet Pile Pressing Machine - Vibration Free

For projects where vibrations are not allowed, an hydraulic sheet pile pressing machine can be the right solution. Foundiz sells sheet pile pressing machines from Dawson Construction Plant, also known as the Push Pull machines.

Modular & easy to modifie

The Dawson Push Pull machines are available with 2, 3 and 4 rams. The Push Pull sheet pile pressers are the most powerful sheet pile pressing machines available in the market. Besides pressing sheet piles these machines are also very suitable for sheet pile extraction. The Push Pull machines can be used in a leader guided configuration but also free-suspended. Also special applications are possible such as box piles. The Push Pull machines are robust and designed in a practical way.

The rams are modular and the sheet pile pressing machines therefore can be modified to the required configuration. The Push Pull machines are equipped with an adjustable guidance system which prevents rotation of the piston rods and helps align the piles. The clamps of the Push Pull machines are designed in such a way that it has a powerful wedge grip action.


About the push pull Sheet Pile Pressing Machines

The Push Pull concept can be described as follows. The powerful hydraulic clamps take hold of the topside of the steel sheet piles which are interlocked. With a down-crowd force from the piling rig all clamped piles are pushed down in the soil until the max. pull-down capacity of the piling rig has been reached. While maintaining this initial pull-down load the hydraulic Push Pull rams the apply vertical force on a single sheet pile whilst reacting a counter force on the rest of the group. Once all the piles in the group (number of clamped sheet piles) are advanced by the full stroke of all Push Pull rams, the entire pressing device retracts, ready to repeat the cycle.

Precision during sheet pile installation?

Push Pull machines ensure precision through their innovative approach. The hydraulic clamps seize the upper portions of interlocked sheet piles, subsequently utilizing controlled forces to press these piles into the soil. By maintaining a consistent pull-down load and strategically applying force differentials, these machines achieve a highly controlled and accurate sheet pile installation process.