Micro drilling rigs

Compact rigs for anchoring, micro piling and jet-grouting

Besides Soilmec micro drilling rigs Foundiz also offers micro drilling rigs from Beretta Alfredo. Foundiz offers conventional micro drilling rigs but of course also Zero Emission micro drilling rig. Besides complete micro drilling rigs Foundiz also supplies all related accessories like grout plants, mud pumps, adapters and drilling tools.

Micro Drillings Rigs

Micro Drilling Rigs

Anchor Drilling Rigs

Drilling Rigs for Jet Grouting

Micro Drilling Rigs for sale

Foundiz offers a large range of micro drilling rigs.  As Soilmec distributor Foundiz sells the complete product range of micro piling rigs of this famous brand. Foundiz is also distributor of manufacturer Beretta Alfredo.

Applications of micro drilling rigs

Micro drilling rigs are used to drill ground anchors for shoring purposes. Besides ground anchor applications, micro drilling rigs are also very suitable to perform jet grouting. With the jet grouting technique large grout columns are created by cutting and mixing the existing soil layers with a water/cement mixture (grout). These jet grouting columns can be used as vertical piles with a high bearing capacity or as retaining walls for complex structures.

Micro Drillings Rigs

Vertical pile foundations made effortless

Micro drilling rigs are also very suitable to make vertical pile foundations of small diameter casing piles with grout injection. Vertical micro piles are very suitable for renovation works in existing buildings or to use as tension piles for ramps or concrete floors with water pressure underneath. Micro drilling rigs are compact, easy to operate and are used for vibration free foundation techniques. Therefore these machines are excellent for working in urban areas because they work quiet, fast and are suitable for job sites with a difficult accessibility.

Enhanced functionality with attachments

Besides complete micro drilling rigs Foundiz also offers Beretta mast attachments. With a mast attachment it is possible to modify an hydraulic excavator into a drilling rig. Besides conventional micro drilling rigs Foundiz offers also fully electric powered zero emission micro drilling rigs. In 2023 Foundiz enabled a pilot project in Eindhoven. Several ground anchors were executed with this zero emission fully electric Soilmec SM 13E micro drilling rig. On this jobsite the ground anchors were installed to shore a grout mixing wall.