Pile driving rigs and hammers

Foundiz supplies several types of piling rigs and hydraulic impact hammers.

Foundiz offers a wide range of piling rigs and hydraulic impact hammers. Piling rigs with fixed leader or free suspended leader, small versatile impact hammers or heavy offshore hammers, even suitable for under water operations. Foundiz is able to offer you the right solution. 

pile driving rigs and hammers

Impact Hammers

Piling Rigs with fixed leader

Piling Rigs free suspended leader

Pile Driving Rigs and Impact Hammers

Pile driving hammers, also known as hydraulic impact hammers are designed to drive piles by means of a drop weight that falls on the pile head. In most cases the drop weight is internally accelerated to increase the impact force on the pile head. Pile driving hammers are used for driving precast concrete piles, steel casing piles and steel sheet piles. The hydraulic impact hammers are often used in combination with a piling rig where a leader guides the impact hammer and pile with high accuracy . Or the impact hammer can be used in a free suspended configuration where the hammer is lifted and placed on top of the piles by means of a crawler crane. 

Distributor of Dawson Construction plant

Foundiz is distributor of Dawson Construction Plant and offers the complete Dawson impact hammer range. The impact hammers from Dawson are especially designed to drive steel casing piles and steel sheet piles. In soft soils driving casing piles and sheet piles can be done with a vibratory hammer. However if dense soils are reached the penetration speed of vibratory hammers can slow down or vibrating isn’t even possible anymore. In those case pile driving impact hammers are the right solution. In cases where you are not sure about the best piling method Foundiz can support. By means of a pile drive-ability assessement Foundiz can determine the most efficient piece of equipment for the job.


Light and medium impact hammers

The range of impact hammers Foundiz sells varies from hammers for light and medium heavy works up to heavy offshore projects. The Dawson impact hammers are designed with field experience which makes them easy in use, reliable and also suitable to drive piles under water. The hammers are available with all sorts of accessories like helmets, sleeves and sheet pile legs. Therefore it is possible to drive almost every type and shape of steel casing, sheet pile and H-beam.

Guidance from Foundiz

In case you are not sure which hammer you need Foundiz can help you out. Foundiz offers consultancy services including pile drive-ability assessments. Based on the impact hammer size, (sheet)pile specifications and soil conditions Foundiz determines the most suitable hammer. The outcome of the drive ability assessment is presented in a crystal clear report. In this way you are sure the calculated type of impact hammer is suitable for your project.