Piling and lifting tools

We supply specialized lifting tools like the Ground Release Shackles. Lifting of piles can be done safely and the shackels can be released remote.

With the use of a ground release shackle, a ratchet release shackle or a sheet pile threader you can save on lifting machinery such as a cherry picker or crane. By using smart lifting tools a safe work environment for your crew is assured. The use of safe lifiting tools prevents people from working at height and therefore reduces risks on the construction sites.

piling and lifting tools

Ground Release Shackle

Rachet Release Shackle

Pipe Lifting Shoe

Piling and lifting tools

Piling works require safe handling and lifting of piles and other materials. Foundiz offers the complete range of lifting and handling tools from Dawson Construction Plant. The most famous tools are the ground release shackles and the ratchet release shackles. With these special lifting tools piles can be lifted and positioned in a safe way.

Ground release shackles

The ground release shackles can be released remote by rope or cable from work level. In this way working at height by workers is prevented. The ground release shackle is released by pulling the safety clip and the metal wire by a rope from work level. By pulling out the metal wire the locking pin is released by an internal spring mechanism. After releasing the ground release shackle, it can be removed from the pile whilst the pile is being hold by the piling rig or crane.


The Ratchet release shackle

The ratchet release shackle is released by pulling a ratchet belt around a metal collar which extracts the locking pin. The ratchet release shackles are available up to 40 Tonnes. Both types of shackles are also available with wider throats and with special steel types which allows them to work with in cold environments. Besides the release shackles Dawson also produces steel handling tools. For example the pipe lifting shoes and steel handling shoes which are very suitable for loading and unloading H-beams.

The Sheet pile threader

Another great product is the sheet pile threader. The sheet pile threader is a device which helps interlocking sheet piles on a certain height. In case sheet piles remain a certain distance above working level, out of reach of the workers on site, the sheet pile threader can be a superb solution. The sheet pile threader allows a new sheet pile to interlock with an already driven sheet pile. The threader is attached to the underside of the new sheet pile and connected with the already driven sheet pile.

While lifting the new sheet pile the threader guides the new sheet pile next to the existing sheet pile. When the underside of the new sheet pile reaches the upper side of the existing sheet pile, the sheet pile threader pushes the new sheet pile into the lock of the existing sheet pile. When lowering the new interlocked sheet pile to work level the threader comes down again and can be disconnected.