Concrete Capping For Sheet Piles

Foundiz offers a special sheet pile capping system. This innovative system developed by Dawson Construction Plant (DCP) is fast, efficient and ensures safe working on heights and around water. The capping system can be used for U- and Z-shaped sheet piles and also for combi walls.

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    Capping beam system by Foundiz

    At Foundiz, we proudly offer the cutting-edge capping beam system designed by Dawson Construction Plant (DCP). This innovative formwork system stands as a game-changer in constructing capping beams atop various types of retaining walls, including sheet pile walls, combi walls, secant piles, and their variations.

    Combination of solid steel & soffit panels

    The foundation of the DCP capping beam system revolves around a meticulous fusion of robust solid steel supports and the ingenious Soffit panels. These Soffit panels serve as steel platforms adorned with an array of precisely aligned aluminum bars. To ensure optimal attachment, the supports are securely fastened to the sheet piles by threading a specially designed pin equipped with hard points on both ends into the wings of the steel sheet piles. For projects necessitating greater load-bearing capacities, the supports seamlessly slot into steel brackets, ingeniously hooked onto the sheet piles.

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    Easy to fixate and adjust

    Deploying the DCP capping beam system is a breeze. Once the supports are strategically positioned—typically two supports per platform in standard applications—the Soffit panel can be effortlessly placed atop the supports. After meticulous fixation and fine-tuning of the panel, the aluminum bars integrated within the Soffit panels are gently pressed into alignment with the contours of the sheet piles or combi walls. The next step involves introducing vertical formwork, which can be executed using traditional formwork methods or opting for a more streamlined system formwork. This innovative system prioritizes user-friendliness, and its practical design allows for an impressive production speed of up to 15 running meters per day.

    Fast assemble and removal

    Efficiency isn’t solely confined to assembly; the DCP capping beam system also excels in swift and hassle-free disassembly post-concreting. Offering a versatile range to match project requirements, this system comes in three variations: light, medium, and heavy-duty. Our experts conduct a swift analysis of your specific project to generate a schematic drawing outlining the proposed capping beam system type, including allowable concrete loads. Beyond purchasing, Foundiz offers the option to rent this revolutionary system, allowing you to embrace innovation without commitment.

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    Elevate your construction experience

    Foundiz introduces the future of construction with the DCP capping beam system. Seamlessly merging solid engineering with efficient design, this system promises not only streamlined assembly and removal but also great performance. Whether you choose to purchase or rent, Foundiz ensures your project is met with the finest solutions.

    Standard Capping System

    Standard Capping System

    • Working loads: 1500 kg/bracket (Z-piles) and 2000 kg/bracket (U- piles)
    • Panel lengths: from 2,5 up to 3,0 m1
    • Panel weights: from 360 kg up to 477 kg
    • Maximum safe working load incl. panel: from 1000 up to 1300 kg/m1
    • Options: location buttons, deep panel, Peri side panels
    Medium capping System

    Medium Capping System

    • Working load: 3000 kg/bracket
    • Panel length: 3,0 m1
    • Panel weigth: 450 up to 477 kg
    • Maximum safe working load incl. panel: 2000 kg/m1
    • Options: deep panel, Peri side panels
    Heavy Duty Capping system

    Heavy Duty Capping System

    • Working load: 15000 kg/bracket
    • Panel length: 3,0 m1
    • Panel weight: 2000 kg
    • Maximum safe working load incl. panel: 10.000 kg/m1
    • Options: deep panel, Peri side panels

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