Piling Rigs and Impact Hammers

Foundiz supplies several types of piling rigs and impact hammers. This varies from large piling rigs with suspended leader to more common piling rigs with self erecting leader. Besides piling rigs also hydraulic impact hammers are part of the Foundiz product range. This varies from light class basic hydraulic hammers up to heavy hydraulic impact hammers for off shore work.

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    Pile Driving Rigs and Impact Hammers

    Pile driving hammers, also known as hydraulic impact hammers are designed to drive piles by means of a drop weight that falls on the pile head. These dynamic hammers find application in driving precast concrete piles, steel casing piles, and steel sheet piles, catering to a diverse range of construction needs.

    Distributor of Dawson Construction plant

    Foundiz is distributor of Dawson Construction Plant and offers the complete Dawson impact hammer range. The impact hammers from Dawson are especially designed to drive steel casing piles and steel sheet piles. In soft soils driving casing piles and sheet piles can be done with a vibratory hammer. However if dense soils are reached vibrating can go very slow or isn’t even possible anymore. Pile driving hammers are the right solution in those cases.

    Piling Rigs and Impact Hammers
    Impact hammers and Piling Rigs

    Light and medium impact hammers

    The range of impact hammers Foundiz sells varies from hammers for light and medium heavy works up to heavy offshore projects. The Dawson impact hammers are designed with field experience which makes them easy in use, reliable and also suitable to drive piles under water. The hammers are available with all sorts of accessories like helmets, sleeves and sheet pile legs. Therefore it is possible to drive almost every type and shape of steel casing, sheet pile and H-beam.

    Guidance from Foundiz

    Are you not sure what the most appropriate hammer is for your business? Foundiz offers a wide range of piling equipment. Offering a range of consultancy services, including pile drive-ability assessments, Foundiz guides you towards an informed decision. Through evaluation of factors such as impact hammer size, (sheet) pile specifications, and soil conditions, Foundiz identifies the optimal hammer for your project. The results of the drive-ability assessment are presented in a clear and concise report. Granting you the assurance that the selected impact hammer aligns with your project requirements.

    In summary, pile driving hammers represent a cornerstone of modern construction, allowing for efficient and precise pile installation. With Foundiz as your partner, you can navigate the complexities of selecting the right impact hammer with confidence, thanks to comprehensive guidance and expertise.

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    Foundiz offers a wide range of piling equipment which can be combined with a Push Pull machine. When purchased together as a set all controls required for the sheet pile pressing operations are integrated in the cabin of the piling rig.

    Impact Hammers

    Impact Hammers

    • Impact energy: from 12 up to 250 kNm
    • Drop weights: from van 3 up to 30 tons
    • Applications driving concrete piles, steel casing piles and sheet piles
    • Options: sleeves in various diameters and lengths, leader guided or free suspended configurations
    Piling Rigs

    Piling Rigs

    • Weight class:from 40 up to 90 tons
    • Leader lengts: from 20 up to 42 meters
    • Applications: driving concrete piles, steel casing piles, casing piles with grout injection and sheet piles
    • Options: several types of impact hammers, data acquisition systems, camera systems and customizations
    Piling Rigs based on crawler crane

    Piling Rigs based on crawler crane

    • Weigth class: from 50 up to 130 tons
    • Leader length: from 20 up to 60 meters
    • Applications: driving concrete piles, steel casing piles and sheet piles
    • Options: suspended leader, several types of impact hammers, data acquisition systems and customizations

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