Soilmec SR-30 Eagle (brand new)


Brand new Soilmec SR-30 Eagle. This brand new Soilmec SR-30 drilling rig is a modified version suitable for CFA piling and several vibro applications. This demo drilling rig has been displayed on several exhibitions and has special options like a telescopic arm on the CAT head,  a powerfull pull-down winch and a original rotary with special trolley for fast and easy exchange of rotary with vibro and vice sersa. The leader lengths is 17,5 metres which allows a drilling depth of 13,5 metres.



Additional information

Year of Manufacture

2023 (brand new)

Running hours

0 (engine 100 hrs)




Soilmec Rotary with 131 kNm
Quick exchange trolley
Pull-down winch on mast
Telescopic arm on CAT head for material handling
Radio remote control for safe loading and unloading operations


Brand new

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Soilmec SR-30 Eagle (brand new)

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Soilmec SR-30 Eagle (brand new)


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