Drilling Rigs

Engaging in business with Foundiz comes down to securing expert advice pertinent to selecting the ideal machinery for your specific foundation technique. Beyond the spectrum of complete drilling rigs, Foundiz boasts an impressive array of accompanying accessories, including but not limited to tracked concrete pumps, concrete hoses, and an assortment of drilling tools ranging from augers to meticulously crafted auger cleaners.

What truly distinguishes Foundiz is the package it offers to cater to the multifaceted requirements of its customers. The organization’s team of adept technical specialists possesses a wealth of experience in maintenance and repair procedures, ensuring that your drilling rigs receive the utmost care.

CFA Drilling Rigs

Dedicated CFA Rigs

  • Weight class: 37 up to 52 tons
  • Pile lengths: up to 30 meters
  • Torque: 100 up to 165 kNm
  • Application: CFA, and secant piling
  • Options: extension parts, augers, auger cleaners, concrete pumps and hoses
Drilling rigs

Drilling Rigs

  • Weight class: 37 up to 130 tons
  • Pile lengths: up to 40 meters
  • Torque: 100 kNm up to 400 kNm
  • Applications: CFA, semi soil displacement piles, secant piling, vertical anchors and jet-grouting
  • Options: extension parts, augers, auger cleaners, concrete pumps and hoses
Kelly Drilling Rigs

Kelly Drilling Rigs

  • Weight class: from 30 up to 135 tons
  • Pile lengths: up to 80 meters
  • Torque from 100 kNm up to 165 kNm
  • Applications: large diameter bored piles and DTH
  • Options: kelly bars, double walled casings, buckets, augers, barrels and bentonite plants

Drilling rigs for sale

Foundiz specializes in the sale of drilling rigs catering to a wide range of applications. As a distributor of Soilmec products, Foundiz proudly offers the entire spectrum of products from this renowned brand.

The various techniques of drilling rigs

Drilling rigs play a crucial role in constructing vibration-free foundation piles, serving as the backbone of various construction methodologies. In addition to the well-established foundation techniques like continuous flight auger (CFA) piles and large diameter bored piles, these versatile drilling rigs find utility in a myriad of other techniques. An advantage of Soilmec drilling rigs is their relatively lightweight nature, which proves to be economically advantageous during transportation and access to diverse job sites.

Drilling Rigs by Foundiz
Drilling Rigs

Monitoring & Register System

At the core of the drilling rigs’ capabilities lies the Drilling Mate System (DMS). This system not only controls all functions of the drilling rig with precision, but also undertakes the task of monitoring and recording pile production data. This data collection bolsters the overall quality assurance of the piling operations. The range of foundation techniques executed by Foundiz encompasses everything from vibration-free cast in situ piles with soil displacement to drilled casing piles infused with grout-injection. Additionally, Foundiz extends its expertise to solutions for Down The Hole (DTH) drilling.

Modification kits for your drilling rigs

Foundiz stands as an industry innovator, having devised modification kits tailored to transform standard drilling rigs into a sheet pile driver. This transformation can be reversed. This unique solution, an exclusive patent of Foundiz, exemplifies the organization’s pioneering spirit to facilitating versatility.

Complete solutions by Foundiz

Foundiz offers the complete range of Soilmec drilling rigs. Foundiz supplies several types of drilling rigs suitable for various applications. In case of special requirements we can help. Foundiz is specialized in customization of drilling rigs.

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